Join Our Team


  1. Experienced outdoor educators – (At least 3 years working with youth in nature based setting). Comfortable working with children ages 2 – 16 in wilderness settings (A specific age group within that range is fine).
  2. Experienced classroom teachers – credential helpful, but comfortable with the idea of taking small groups into nature, as well as comfortable team teaching.
  3. VOLUNTEERS: We really rely on our volunteer team. People without experience that want to learn, people that want intermittent experience.

Ventura Wild is totally dependent on the high level of inspiration and dedication in our staff. With a 4:1 ratio children to adult and a group size of 8-12 children, visiting swimming holes and other wild locations with a variety of hazards, group dynamics and lofty goals, the staff are the cornerstone of achieving our mission with each child and family.


Weekday programs (variety of days, times and locations)

  1. Ages 6 – 11 wilderness discovery
  2. Ages 12 – 14 wilderness discovery & stewardship
  3. Ages 15 – 16 wilderness discovery & adventure
  4. Ages 3 – 5 wilderness discovery 7 sensory explorations
  5. Ages 5 – 10 integrated ages – homeschool wilderness discovery
  6. 2 – 3 Parent child wilderness discovery

Weekend programs

  1. Adults
  2. Families
  3. Kids

Our Policy: It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.

How do I apply?

  1. Fill out the below application form by clicking on it and submitting.
  2. Or email Ventura Wild at
  3. Or call Heather King, program director, at 805-310-1461.

Projects / Needs / Dreams

JOIN US! We have many projects that need your help. You might find something on this list you want to contribute to as a leader, part of a committee, or a funder. Contact us if any of these spark your interest!

  • Spanish Language Programmas de familias
  • Ventura Nature Center and outside space
  • Research demonstrating outcomes and benefits of children in nature
  • Create a map of wild open spaces and wilderness access
  • Provide transportation from schools to after school programs
  • Partner with State and County Parks to offer facilitated programs and stewardship projects
  • Partner with Sierra Club, Patagonia, REI and other organizations to offer meaningful programs and stewardship projects
  • Inter-generational programs: Grandparents with children, Mother daughter, Women girls, Father son, Men and boys…
  • Leadership training for minority groups
  • Collaborations with health providers to offer nature prescriptions from their expertise (family counselors, therapists, pediatrics…)
  • Collaboration with university credentialing programs to offer internships
  • Youth Eco clubs
  • Neighborhood Nature Watch Groups
  • School programs: outdoor education for all children!