Big thank you to our community for your support and participation in our programs. It is our honor and joy to be a part of your nature connection journey!

With love and dirt,

The Ventura Wild Team <3

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“All in all – this program is a FIVE plus!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for being kind, patient, and open with our children.”

Age 5, Coyote Homeschool

 “I was REALLY impressed with the entire program and all the naturalists. WOW! Worth every penny for sure! Can’t wait for both my kids to do it.”

Age 7, Ventura Wild Summer Camp

“For the last year my daughter has gone to Ventura Wild. I want to say there are not enough good words to praise this program. The leaders of this group had made it a special journey each time we met. The rhythm, the magic, the connections they create through play and fun are so delicate and deep. Such a gentle touch to the souls of children. I was fascinated by each meeting at the way they handle a group of children in nature. Their ability to not force information but keep an interest, their extra touch with kids having a hard time. I’ve never been in such a lovely program. I wish I was a kid and could go too.”

Age 8, Ojai After School

“Teachers and staff were great as always. I tell everyone this is the best kids activity!”

Age 8, Ventura Wild Summer Camp

What my child says they like about Ventura Wild is…

“He doesn’t speak words yet, but he loves eating dirt, chewing sticks, laughing with other kids, and exploring his world.”

Age 1, Caterpillars & Butterflies

“Nature. I like the water. I like Sara. I like that Mommy is always there for me if I need her. I like that I get special time with her.”

Age 4, Big Bear Little Bear

“Playing in the mud kitchen, playing in the dirt and playing in the mud.”

Age 4, Forest Preschool Program

“Catching creatures, foraging, being in nature, being in the water, exploring nature.”

Age 6, Ventura Explorers

“My child talks more to me about the positive experiences at Coyote school than she does about anything in her week. She loves all things nature and she has nothing but glowing things to say about the mentors.”

Age 6, Coyote Homeschool

“The games, playing outside with friends, getting dirty. Exploring new places, water play, climbing trees, collecting sticks.”

Age 8, Ojai After School

“It is really fun and I get to build things. I also love exploring.”

Age 7, Ventura After School

What do you feel your child gets from this program?

“Time in the outdoors , time with new friends his own age.”

Age 2.5, Big Bear Little Bear

“Connection to nature and other children and hopefully the ability to make wise choices when out in the wilderness.”

Age 12, Intermediate Skills

“A love for nature, a quiet, beautiful space for reflection, independence, knowledge and skills of the outdoors, strength and agility.”

Age 9, Heron Homeschool

“They have a blast and they learn about the land, including the historically native uses. They are constantly repeating things they’ve learned.”

Siblings Ages 7 & 9, Ojai After School

“Independence, a love of nature, confidence in the wild, freedom and fresh air!”

Age 8, Ventura After School

“Opportunity to explore new environments and interact with kids his age.”

Age 1, Caterpillars & Butterflies

“VW has consistently been his favorite activity over the last 3 years. He looks forward to it every week, always comes home with an interesting story or nature item and teaches all of us at home something.”

Age 7, Ventura Explorers