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  1. Adult Hiking Club – Sisar Trail   Sun. April 25   11:00 – 3:00   16 to adult   $FREE

  2. Bilingual hike  Sun. May 2   4:00 – 6:00   all ages   Harmon Canyon   $FREE

  3. Adult Hiking Club Sespe Wilderness   Sat. May 8   11:00 – 3:00   16 to adult  $FREE

  4. Ventura Botanical Garden Nighthike   Sat. May 22   5:00 – 7:00   14 – adult   $FREE

  5. Piedre Blanca Nighthike   Sat. June 12   5:00 – 8:00   7 – adult   $FREE

  6. Adult Hiking Club – Chorro Grande   Sat. June 19   11:00 – 3:00   16 to adult   $FREE

  7. Adult Hiking Club Cold Springs   10:00 – 2:00   16 to adult   $FREE

Scroll down for Program Descriptions and to Sign-Up

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Please do NOT register for hikes if you or anyone in your home:
– Does not wear masks
– Does not practice social distancing
– Will be traveling by plane or public transportation without social distancing
– In other ways come into contact with people without social distancing

NOTE: Pre Screening at home is a CRUCIAL part of our successful continued operation. Stay home if you or anyone in your house has symptoms. 



Parents and adults that need to sink into a joyful connection to nature: This is for you!  Come immerse yourself in a blissful soak of quiet, peaceful wilderness…and go with other good people.

Join Heather King, our program director, and sink into a deeper calm, a lighter step and a moment just to breathe, notice the natural world and forget about all the rest. There will be shared observations, natural silence, and comfortable companionship. You design your experience within loose possibilities and the spontaneous moments we discover in nature. 

By joining our group you will be part of a community that values getting into nature. We will have adventurous offerings like weekend camp-outs and hiking, family gatherings (When COVID guidelines allow), and opportunities for stewardship and more. All hikes will have at least one trained and experienced outdoor educator to provide basic wilderness safety and expertise…but this is a voluntary, non-facilitated fun event for us all. COVID guidelines are followed for outdoor activities: A mask for when we can’t physically distance is required.

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Easiest Suitable for people of all ages who are in fair condition. Elevation gain of less than 500 feet and less than 3 miles of distance total.
Easy Suitable for people of most ages who have a basic fitness level. Elevation gain of less than 1000 ft and less than 6 miles of distance total.
Moderate Reasonably fit hikers who get out at least once a month should be able to do this level. This level would be considered easy for frequent hikers. Elevation gain of more than 1000 ft and more than 6 miles of distance total.
Challenging Regular hiking experience is required to participate in hikes at this level. Elevation gain of more than 1,000 meters and potentially more than 15km distance in one day. Combination of significant elevation gain and long distance make this level a challenge for many.
Very Difficult Long distances and big elevation gains make this level. High fitness level is required because speed will be important to complete


All proceeds go toward our scholarship and subsidized programs for underserved families. 
The Hiking Club Hikes are still free. Other programs for families have a small cost – Scholarships available! JOIN US!

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Adult Hiking Club – Sisar Trail, Upper Ojai


Age: 16 and older
Difficulty: Moderate / Challenging

Sisar Canyon cuts into the mountains above Upper Ojai Valley, halfway between Ojai and Santa Paula. A wide dirt trail travels up the canyon toward Topatopa Ridge, a striking bluff of striped rock. Rather than taking Sisar Canyon Trail (also known as Sisar Canyon Road) deep into the Topatopa Mountains, we will turn around at an overlook 2.75 miles up the trail for a picturesque day hike.

Bilingual Nature Walk w/Jenny


Age: All Ages
Difficulty: Easy

Harmon Canyon is a new preserve in Ventura near Kimble Road. Come explore new trails, enjoy the spring flowers and new plants, and find birds, tracks and other nature treasures. Bring your family and friends for a small group experience facilitated by a knowledgeable and easy going leader. Join us!

Adult Hiking Club – Bear Creek – Sespe Wilderness


Age: 16 and older
Difficulty: Moderate / Challenging (Trail is broad and well traveled, with creek crossings. Can be very hot and exposed depending on weather)

Starting at the Sespe Trailhead at Lions Camp, we will walk east along the Sespe Creek which is an old dirt road. Trail is softly rolling hills, can be exposed and hot. Bear Creek Camp, 4.3 miles from trailhead, is a wonderful camp located on a large sandbar with a swimming hole and shade from cottonwood trees.

Piedra Blanca Nighthike


Age: 7 to adult
Difficulty: Moderate (Well maintained trail with some loose dirt, steep inclines and boulder walking)

A hike into the white rocks of the Sespe Wilderness. Gorgeous evening as the sun goes down and the stars appear. Terrific views with casual socializing and potential for sharing stories. Trail is well maintained but requires stability and some river crossings. No cell service.

Adult Hiking Club – Chorro Grande


Age: 16 and older
Difficulty: Moderate / Challenging

We will hike 1.7 miles to Oak Camp where there is year-round water. It is another 2.6 miles to reach Chorro Springs Camp, which has water year-round, beneath the conifers. The trail ends on Pine Mountain Ridge at the Reyes Peak Campground after another .8 miles. On clear days, you can see some of the Channel Islands and the Matilija Wilderness from the ridge.


Adult Hiking Club – Cold Springs Trail, Montecito

Age: 16 and older
Difficulty: Challenging (for elevation gain and distance)

One of the highest summits in the range is Montecito Peak, which offers sensational views over the coastal cities below and the Pacific Ocean beyond. It is quite a trek, but the ever-expanding ocean views will keep you motivated along the way. We will go about 3 miles and find a good look-out to enjoy and then turn around.