Pricing & Scholarships

How our Pricing Works

We are working hard to create accessible and affordable programs.

Ventura Wild is an education program of Ventura Land Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your registration fee covers the cost of running the program and that’s it. We are simply here to share the joy and love of nature while tending and protecting our environment.

A small percentage of your registration fee goes towards professional development to continue offering training opportunities for our staff such as Wilderness First Aid, Non-violent Communication, LGBTQIA+ cultural competency, etc. We hope you agree that offering these opportunities for our staff to continue to learn and grow in turn supports the quality of our programs. We also aim to fairly compensate our staff to support their endeavors in the outdoors and within our community. We understand this increases the cost of our programs, though we hope you agree this is the right thing to do.

Scholarships are available and will be awarded based on financial need.

Scholarships & Payment Plans

Ventura Wild offers scholarships and payment plans for those in need of financial assistance, helping to bridge the equity gap in creating greater access to the outdoors. We strongly believe every child should have the opportunity to connect with their wild spaces. 

With the support of grants and generous donations from Ventura Wild families, we are working together as a community to solve a systemic and historical problem of inequity and environmental racism. We know that the planet needs us ALL to love and care for nature. 

Donate to our Scholarship Fund

If you believe time in nature is one of the best gifts we can give our children and our community for a sustainable future, make a donation to our scholarship fund and become part of our supporting community, Thank you!


How to Apply for Financial Assistance

  1. Click Here to Apply for a scholarship before you register for a program. Please use the table below as a guide for requesting the amount of financial support needed.

  2. If you don’t receive an email confirming your scholarship or your payment request does not reflect a scholarship – please email us at

  3. WAITLIST – If a program is full, please register to the waitlist and we can either transfer you into a reserved spot or wait until a spot opens. This is not guaranteed. 

We want to make our programs available to ALL children, regardless of ability to pay.  We would like to assist as many families as possible with our growing scholarship fund, so please consider how much you can contribute to your child’s experience.

*Payment plans for any of our programs are available by request, please email us!

Maximum Household Income Limits for Ventura County

(Gross Annual Income by Household Size, Income Level and Category)

Scholarship % HUD Income Level 1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person 5 person 6 person 7 person
90% Off Extremely Low $26,350 $30,100 $33,850 $37,600 $40,650 $43,650 $46,650
75% Off Very Low $43,900 $50,200 $56,450 $62,700 $67,750 $72,750 $77,750
50% Off Median $70,250 $80,300 $90,350 $100,350 $108,400 $116,450 $124,450
25% Off Low $88,850 $101,550 $114,250 $126,950 $137,100 $147,250 $157,400
15% Off Moderate $96,950 $110,800 $114,250 $138,500 $149,600 $160,650 $171,750

Note: Income limits are based on California Housing and Community Development Guidelines for Ventura County.