We do have scholarships! To provide nature connection for diverse populations, we want to make our programs available to ALL children, regardless of ability to pay.  We would like to assist as many families as possible with a small scholarship fund, so please consider the value of children in nature, and how much you can contribute to your child’s experience. Please email us at with your inquiry about a scholarship. Thanks! 

Scholarship Request

DONATIONS: If you believe time in nature is one of the best gifts we can give our children and our community for a sustainable future, think about making a donation to our scholarship fund! Click here to find out how – and Thanks! 


If the cost seems high to you, we want to offer some explanation because we know the challenges of paying for all the good things you want for your children.
Ventura Wild provides a uniquely “wild” experience, and while exploring creeks and canyons doesn’t require much in costly equipment or supplies, it does require a uniquely qualified staff of leaders, and the 4:1 ratio children to staff is super important in the wilds! This means we can actually spend time with each child and do real adventuring and real mentoring in real wild places with the unknowns of nature a part of the learning and growing experience.  
OUR COSTS: The cost of childcare in this country is largely undervalued and massively underfunded. We wish it wasn’t so, but until that changes, we are committed to doing this work with your help. Our field staff hourly pay rate is $18 – $26 an hour depending on experience, even though all staff are college educated and trained in this field. Staff get paid for between 2 – 10 hours a week, depending on their schedules. That is not gainful employment, so staff juggle multiple jobs along with families and / or school. Staff put in many many hours of prep time and program development, as well as attend meetings and staff training. Administration including marketing, fundraising, registration and staff management are also part of the cost. Anyone who runs a business knows there are many hidden costs, let alone saving money for capital expenses like a van, and offering scholarships. 
We hope you find this money well spent. Please consider becoming a sustainability donor, allowing us to build our foundation and continue offering scholarships and discounts whenever possible. Thanks!