Scholarship Process

1. Please apply for a scholarship before you register for a program.
2. If you don’t receive an email confirming your scholarship or your payment request does not reflect a scholarship – please email us at
3. WAITLIST – If a program is full, please register to the waitlist and we can either transfer you into a reserved spot or wait until a spot opens. This is not guaranteed. 
We want to make our programs available to ALL children, regardless of ability to pay.  We would like to assist as many families as possible with our small scholarship fund, so please consider how much you can contribute to your child’s experience.

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DONATIONS: If you believe time in nature is one of the best gifts we can give our children and our community for a sustainable future, make a donation to our scholarship fund and become part of our supporting community – and Thanks! 



We are working hard to create accessible and affordable programs. We offer programs through the Boys & Girls Clubs, local Title 1 schools, and scholarships for underserved families. Please support our efforts with your registration, added donations and volunteering. To offer the quality and consistency we strive for, we are equally committed to providing the highest quality staff, training opportunities for under represented leadership, and professional development to build and maintain a truly competitive employment opportunity. Thank you!

We offer a sliding scale and scholarships, allowing our community to participate in bridging the equity gap. Families with the ability to pay more help families that are less able. More than grants or endowments or big donations, we think this is a beautiful way for us to work together as a community to solve a systemic and historical problem of inequity and environmental racism. We know that the planet needs us ALL to love and care for nature. 
We hope you experience the extra special care we take with children and parents, and the resulting relationships and memories, let alone the knowledge and awareness instilled about nature, self and others. We are working on it, and welcome your ideas, concerns and support.
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Ventura Wild provides a uniquely “wild” experience, and while exploring creeks and canyons doesn’t require much in costly equipment or supplies, it does require a uniquely qualified staff of leaders, and a 4:1 ratio children to staff! This means we can actually spend time with each child and do real adventuring and real mentoring in real wild places with the unknowns of nature a part of the learning and growing experience.