Youtube Channel   (All Ventura Wild offerings are on Ventura Land Trust channel)
Virtual Group Program Series (Click here to sign up!) 

  1. Backyard Adventure Videos to help kids connect to the nature of their own backyards
  2. How-to DIY videos for wilderness skills of all kinds
  3. Storytime with Ventura Wild Staff!
  4. Show & Tell videos for when you can’t go outside or to a specific location in person yet
  5. Parent Videos
  6. Thematic series and full classes by age, length of time, topic, location and staff…stay tuned!

–  Trudy reads “Finding Wild”

How-to DIY: 

Show & Tell videos for when you can’t go outside

  • Heather’s Backyard!

Parent Videos


SOON: Thematic series and full classes…stay tuned!

FYI – Donations of any kind will support MORE inspiring videos and creative work from the Ventura Wild Team. Help keep Ventura Wild alive if you can!


The Ventura Wild staff wants to reach out to all of our program kids, and to our larger community of families to offer some nature connection! We are all struggling to adjust to our new and constantly shifting reality,  and we are honored you might find some relief from these virtual offerings. What we know is that spending time outside can make all the difference. It can highlight gratitude, calm thoughts, and deepen breathing. Connecting with nature allows us to see that much of the world is unaffected by this virus; instead, nature is going through its annual shift from winter to spring, right on schedule. Enjoy!