Learning should be dynamic and experiential…

Sign up for an herb walk with Lanny, and sign your children up for wilderness discovery with Heather – everybody gets outside!

ADULTS – Lanny Kaufer Herb walks

To register for the Herb Walk, visit Lanny Kaufer’s  Register for an Event link to sign up right now by entering your name and the name of the event. Due to weather conditions and the holiday season, there is usually nothing scheduled in December and January.

What are Herb Walks?

Herb Walks and Nature Hikes with Lanny Kaufer are interpretive walks and hikes with an emphasis on edible and medicinal plants, those classified as “herbs” for their culinary and medicinal properties. The educational goal of these outings is to learn to positively identify native plants in their natural habitats and discover their roles in the ecology of the area as well as their applications for humans. This type of learning cannot be done accurately with books, photos and web images alone.

Local Herb Walks in the Ojai area are usually $20 for adults; Nature Hikes are $25. A $5 discount for seniors 62-and-older and a $10 discount for students 13-18 are available by request. (If you want to have your child join you on the herb walk instead of going with Heather, they can attend free, one child per adult, by prior arrangement.)

Events with special guests are priced higher and may not include usual discounts. No dogs or smoking, please, on any walks or hikes. Thanks!

Children Ages 5 – 12

Earth Day at Matilija Campground

  • Date: Sun April 23,
  • Time: 8:45 AM – 12:30pm
  • Location: Meet at Maricopa Plaza, 1201 Maricopa Highway, Ojai, CA 93023. Carpool or caravan to Matilija Campground above Ojai.

  • Cost: $25 per child
  • Child’s Class Instructor: Heather King 
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These classes can be combined (Not required) with Lanny Kaufer’s adult herb walks which must be registered for separately at Herbwalks.com

We will all meet together, then the children and adults will separate until lunch. Then we meet and share lunch at a designated place and time, allowing for some family time. Children’s programs will include exploration and wandering with space for  skills including but not limited to: cordage and other plant uses, foraging for edible plants, flute and whistle making, discovering habitats and adaptations.

Time is spent exploring nature to build connections through sensory awareness games, stories, songs and discovering the natural wonders of the moment:  Bugs, water, mud, trees, rocks, sticks, wind, sun, flowers and holes and so so much more to inspire a curiosity and wonder in the world!

To register your child(ren) for the Ventura Wild discovery program during the Herb Walk, click on the green registration button above or call the Ojai Recreation Department at 805-646-8845 ext. 301