• Drop-off and games
  • Opening Circle – using a talking piece we will share appreciations and set safety agreements, share what we want to do today – depending on age and group. Keeping it short!  Water and bathroom break as needed…
  • Wander into the wild to introduce a skill or theme: might be tracking, fox walking, shelter building, or nature listening…endless possibilities. 
  • Options: In the wild we may be moving, we may find a home base where some can work on a project, others can explore – that’s why we have 4:1 ratio…more discovery activities and free play. Includes snack time and possible songs & stories depending on ages & interests.
  • Closing Circle includes sharing a favorite moment or an appreciation…and whatever else needs to happen: Maybe a song or story or show and tell.


Ventura Wild creates meaningful outdoor experiences to reawaken an innate human affinity for Nature. We believe that a physical and emotional connection to Nature at an early age promotes basic principles of human development that inspire a sense of belonging, resiliency, and interdependence. Returning humans to our indigenous awareness, knowledge and skills are the first steps toward a life of sustainable relationships with each other, the self and the planet.

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