Nature Quiz

Are you a native Earth dweller? How well do you know your local environment?  Do you know your local ecosystems and biomes that make it unique? Could you survive using the native resources of your area? Are you fearful of the wild with a feeling of alienation or not belonging? Do you know the environmental issues and current ecological events that are affecting your life and your families lives? Review these questions below, they may spark a little curiosity to discover some answers for yourself, and confirm your native roots on planet earth. Have fun!

  1. In Ventura, if you stand at the beach and point out to the ocean, what direction on the compass are you pointing?
  2. Name three wild animals that live around our town:
  3. Name two marine mammals that live and travel just off our coast ?
  4. How many endangered species in our area can you name?
  5. What insects are thought to be beneficial in our area for agriculture and gardens?
  6. Name a bird that loves to eat mosquitoes?
  7. Name a plant that is a parasite and grows in trees locally?
  8. Where do mosquitoes lay their eggs?
  9. How do frogs breath?
  10. What is water called in the estuary that is a mix of salt and fresh water?
  11. What was the staple food source in Ventura and Ojai for the native people?
  12. What is the name of our local Native Americans?
  13. What local bird is taller than most three year olds and eats gophers, frogs and fish?
  14. Where do our two main watershed rivers empty into the ocean?
  15. What is the dam called at the top of the Ventura River that they are about to take down?
  16. Name 3 plants in your area which are poisonous to eat?
  17. Which plant growing locally is known to natives of the region for it’s effectiveness in aiding insect bites or stings and how is it used?
  18. Name one plant that is edible?
  19. What time of day is least active for birdsong and calls?
  20. Name two trees you would look for to indicate the presence of water on the landscape?
  21. Name one plant in your area poisonous to touch?
  22. What is the one and only poisonous snake in our area?
  23. What plant is known for being edible, poisonous, medicinal and a good wood for making whistles with all in one plant?
  24. What is one of the most dangerous spiders of your area and how do you identify it?
  25. List two mast (nut producing) trees in your area?
  26. List four types of edible berries in your area:
  27. Where does your home gets it’s water?
  28. What is the name of the closest river to your house?
  29. What is the most common soaring bird in your area?
  30. Name one plant in your area good for making cordage (string or rope)?

What is your favorite hiking trail in your home town?

Nature Quiz: ANSWERS

Send your answers to Heather King: and receive feedback! This is a great way to begin a naturalist dialogue, learn a few new facts, teach a few new facts, and engage in the local naturalist community. Have fun!