We are more than happy to answer your questions, but here are some answers:

  1. When does registration open? Registration is open about a month before programs begin, except summer programs. Summer registration opens in March.
  2. How do I register: At our web page: www.venturawild.com.  Registration is web based, and uses Corsizio registration software and Stripe secure payment software.
  3. How do I register with a Home School Charter? Each charter has its own system, and we are setting up vendor status with all that are willing. We will hold a space for a child when we receive the registration information and evidence that a PO is forthcoming.  
  4. What is your cancellation policy? 


  • Full refund available up to two weeks before programs begin.  
  • Cancellations 2 weeks or less before the start of a program will not be refunded unless we can fill the spot. If filled, you will be charged a $30 non-refundable deposit.
    • NOTE: Though we do have waiting lists, people often make other plans and we can’t always fill a spot on short notice.
  • You may change your child’s program once at no cost. After that, we will charge $5 per change. 
  • If programs must be cancelled due to a verified covid-19 situation in camp or at home, or a CDC or government mandate, you will receive a prorated refund for all remaining days of camp. 
  • No refunds will be offered for a change of mind or scheduling conflict. We have worked very hard to fill and staff programs, and late cancelations hugely affects our budget and sustainability. Thank you for understanding. 

TO CANCEL: Please email or call the director, Heather King with your request: 805-310-1461 or hking68@gmail.com

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY! We hope you understand that our staff only get to work when we have enough registrations. With a 4:1 ratio we need 8 kids to have two staff, and 12 kids for three staff. If we run under that, we have to subsidize the programs with more fundraising instead of more programs, and we often lose staff due to insecurity of income. Cancellations can really affect our program viability. Thanks for your understanding and support!

5. Do you offer scholarships? We do, but our fund is very small, and is funded by local small businesses and families. We need your help!

6. Where do programs meet?  Our programs move around the Ventura River Watershed, Ventura and Ojai wild places. If you didn’t receive an email from your program Lead Staff, or contact Heather King at hking68@gmail.com.

7. What should my child bring / wear? Please make sure everything fits into their backpack and they can carry it with snack and water bottle inside, and do not send anything extra. 


  1. day pack that everything fits into
  2. sunscreen (one coat already applied) and/or sun hat
  3. light long pants 
  4. t-shirt
  5. light button down long sleeve shirt that can get dirty
  6. old sneakers or closed-toed hiking sandals – NO FLIP FLOPS
  7. full water bottles – at least 1/2 liter total
  8. healthy snacks – please minimize single use wrappers/potential litter!
  9. DO NOT SEND toys, cell phones, games or gadgets
  10. We suggest a towel, change of clothes, and extra shoes in the pick-up car
  11. A warm jacket and hat if chilly day

6. What if it looks like rain? We love to play in the rain! Wet days are more fun when everyone comes prepared. If there is a chance of rain, or it has been raining, please send your children with:

     Rain boots

Poncho or rain jacket

     Warm jacket/sweater (under waterproof layer)

     Warm socks – preferably wool if a cold rain. 

      A change of clothes in a separate plastic bag is helpful but not required. Can be in pick-up car instead. Ventura Wild often means muddy and wet kids…sometimes WAY muddy and wet. Please welcome them prepared and with time to accommodate them in your car, and they will be very happy kids!

7. What if the weather is extreme?  We typically enjoy whatever weather comes our way, but sometimes conditions are not safe for one reason or another and we need to cancel. We will let you know by noon on the day of the program. If that is too late for your logistical needs, please let us know, or contact Lead Staff for updates about potential cancellation.

8. What about snakes, ticks, mountain lions and other wild creatures?  During our programs we teach the kids nature awareness and make agreements to respect and give space to wild creatures of all kinds. We do tick checks regularly, and we learn to keep our eyes open and our feet and hands in view. Usually large groups of kids send wildlife scampering for hiding. 

9. What happens in a day of Ventura Wild?  Generally we start with games and group activities to get out the wiggles. Then we gather for a circle share. After that we cycle through explorations, skills, group and alone time, and we end with a circle share of our day. Days are child centered and place based. We focus on the moment, not the goal, and we direct the group to find inspiration and curiosity in ways that are fun and meaningful to each person. We do lots of asking questions, wondering, wandering, collecting treasures, digging holes, splashing in water, and playing with sticks and stones. Strangely the children learn so much! Depending on the age we might pose questions and model concern, problem solving, and investigation. We all are challenged and engaged.


Phone: Director Heather King at 805-310-1461

Email: Hking68@gmail.com