If we don’t provide opportunities for children to love nature, how can we expect them to grow into adults that will conserve nature?

Your Donation Will

  • Fund transportation for summer camps
  • Fund our scholarships to provide programs equitably, support diverse access and reach families in need.
  • Fund staff outreach and sustainable employment.
  • Fund grant writing, marketing and other fundraising efforts.
  • Plant seeds of hope, awareness, understanding and commitment to our wild places.
  • Inspire a truly joyful exploration of the earth, life and learning for all children.
  • Help provide training for our best asset: Amazing, skillful and heartful leaders! To mentor the child nature connection, natural human development, social and emotional guidance and place based learning. Not a small feat! 

Ventura Wild is a true catalyst for change in our community. Our staff are college educated, trained outdoor educators that work with multiple organizations providing mentoring to children and families.

We hope that everyone will find a way to contribute to Ventura Wild’s scholarship and staff training funds.

Since 2009 Ventura Wild has successfully provided programs to thousands of children and parents from Ojai, Ventura and neighboring communities.

  • We work under the umbrella of the Ventura Land Trust, a 501c3 non-profit organization.
  • Address:
    Ventura Wild
    9998 Creek Road
    Oak VIew, CA 93022

    Phone: 805-310-1461

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Donate through Paypal by pressing the button above, or contact Ventura Wild at 805-310-1461, or hking68@gmail.com for more options. Thank you