If we don’t provide opportunities for children to love nature, how can we expect them to grow into adults that will conserve nature?


  • To inspire a truly joyful exploration of the earth, life and learning for all children.
  • To provide consistent and meaningful employment for staff dedicated to experiential wilderness education.
  • To reach families and children that might not have access culturally or financially to wilderness in our communities.
  • To grow a community of responsible, self sufficient and fully grounded human beings for a better future. 

Donate to the Child Nature Connection

Ventura Wild is a true catalyst for change in our community. Our staff provide nature connection mentoring to children and families, leading to a value of wild places and discovery based learning in their personal lives. With that value comes wildlife stewards, environmental advocates and independent learners in all walks of life that have a personal stake in preserving and renaturalizing our planet. Families that have enjoyed wild places and have joyful memories in nature  pass on a love of nature, and actions of stewardship. Without personal experiences, there is no sense of responsibility.

Since 2009 Ventura Wild has successfully provided programs to thousands of children and parents from Ojai, Ventura and neighboring communities. We pride ourselves in building relationships with each child and sharing a joyfully unique experience full of wonder and amazing moments.

Ventura Wild needs financial support to build our programs!  With  a solid working foundation, we can realize our dream of providing a full range of programs to our local communities year round, from week-long day and residential summer programs, homeschool and after school programs, family experiences and trips, stewardship projects and internships, and also programs for struggling children and children with different needs and abilities.

Are you intrigued? Are you looking for ways to contribute to nature  connections, nature leaders and mentors, and alternative learning environments that stem from traditional human experience?

CONTACT US! Call Heather King, the program Director and Instructor at 805-310-1461, or email hking68@gmail.com.

  • We work under the umbrella of the Ojai Recreation Department, so we are not a 501c3.
  • Address:
    Ventura Wild
    9998 Creek Road
    Oak VIew, CA 93022

    Phone: 805-310-1461

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