Ventura Wild Adult Hiking & Adventure Group   – NO COST

Rejuvenating Dayhikes and More!
Parents and adults that need to sink into a joyful connection to nature: This is for you!  Come immerse yourself in a blissful soak of quiet, peaceful wilderness…and go with other good people.


All hikes will have at least one trained and experienced outdoor educator to provide basic wilderness safety and expertise…but this is a voluntary, non-facilitated fun event for us all.

  • WHEN: Monthly hikes…with options to choose from.
  • COST: NONE – join club to receive emails about upcoming hikes and other activities

  • WHERE: Various wild locations

  • Skill Level: Varies depending on hike. We will list distance, difficulty, elevation gain…and weather conditions as far as we know.

  • More info, call Heather King: 805 310-1461

Come into nature with us!  Together we can explore the curves of the earth and the sigh of the stars. Come on…come out!

Ventura Wild Adult Workshops   – ALMOST FREE CLASSES

 These classes are being offered as a gift to our community in these challenging times. We wanted to make them free, but we also want to build our scholarship fund for children’s access to our programs, and we also want to intentionally instill a sense of value for these offerings. 

So while we put our heart and soul into these offerings, we hope you consider what you can offer back to children and nature connection – and what you need in your own life. We trust that you will give what you can, and receive our gift with love. 

Nature Connection for Teachers – an Intensive  

The value of nature for children and child development is undeniable. But to provide these valuable experiences to children first begins with the same  awareness and nature connection for the teacher. How wonderful! We believe this will be one of the most enjoyable and meaningful workshops for professional development you could possibly attend! Not only will you enjoy meeting your local ecosystems, but you will gain skills to dig deeper, explore your own curiosities and inspirations (these don’t even have to be about nature!), and finally move into meaningful applications in ways that feed your soul, body and mind.

All classes are being planned…stay tuned

  • Cost = $20 – $80 sliding scale  (First class is experimental!)
  • 4 – 8 people in a group
  • Includes virtual zoom classes and some youtube videos, some online research and writing if desired.
  • Includes in-person outdoor meetings – social distancing following CDC recommendations
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Guiding Children in Nature – a forum to share and learn   

Parents, nannies, grandparents, teachers and anyone that wants to be more effective nature connection facilitators with children of various ages and abilities. This is an interactive participatory class, where we practice and experiment with activities, share challenges and successes, and even do some research and field observations. This will be a very exciting, insightful and powerful class to grow nature connection as wellness and a profound resource for parenting and educating children

Pine Needle Baskets and other Vital Skills Workshop 

A small group of adults will gather remotely AND outdoor gatherings in-person with careful social distancing. There will be all the materials needed for learning to make pine needle baskets. We can also explore cat tails and other materials. Bring snacks, comfy chairs and come as you are! I hope this group can continue indefinitely!

Join Heather in these explorations and sink into a deeper calm, a lighter step and a moment just to breath, notice the natural world and forget about all the rest. There will be sharing observations and information, and there will be silence, gently facilitated reflection, journaling or just being without intention or goals. You design your experience within loose possibilities and grand expectations.