Balance school and screen time with nature time!

Teens gain skills and knowledge including survival skills, whittling and bow making, fire kits, local plants, ecosystems and natural history, local watersheds and food sources and processing. We also emphasize compassionate communication, problem solving, group challenges and independent thinking. Self reliance and leadership skills are a natural result of nature connection. Above all we provide inspiring spaces to decompress, reflect, run, climb, dig, laugh, and yell! In nature, less is more.

Hawks Homeschool Skills – once a month (Ages 11-14)

Sign up for whole series or an individual class!  These classes allow participants to apply knowledge and skills to a variety of project options that engage creativity, problem solving and other wilderness skills. Developing these skills not only through individual interests but also combined efforts and shared accomplishments. From successfully building a group shelter to carving a wooden spoon, kids are engaged and challenged.
  • Dates: Mondays, Dec. 18, Jan. 22, Feb. 12, Mar. 19

  • Times: 10:00am – 3:00pm
  • Ages: 11 – 14
  • Location: Ojai based
  • Fee: $190 for series of four or $50 per class
All Four – $190

December – Firemaking safety, one match fires, friction fires and survival firemaking.

Dec.18 – $50

January – Knife safety, whittling, wood projects such as bow & arrow making & practice.

Jan.22 – $50

February – Tracking, bird language, animal adaptations, animal behavior,  calls and ecosystems.

Feb.12 – $50

March – Shelter making, plant ethnobotany including foraging, medicinal, poisonous, native and non-native, cordage and basic basketry.

Mar.19 – $50

Lizards Intermediate Wilderness Skills (Ages 10-14)

  • Dates: Wednesdays Jan. 17 – Mar. 7 (And a Saturday tba)

  • Times: Wed. 3:30 – 5:30 m Sat. 10am – 5pm

  • Ages: 10 – 14 (or skill level)

  • Locations: Ventura & Ojai based

  • Fee: $114
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This new offering will focus on a high degree of skill development and a deeper pursuit of student’s interests and questions. Themes will include the natural sciences, conservation, wilderness survival and traditional skills and other nature discovery based learning. This class offers a series of explorations and projects, and there is also an emphasis on leadership and communication skills. Our instructors are skilled naturalists, educators and mentors.
“What an amazing opportunity for my child to be totally happy!”

Piedre Blanca Camp-Out (Ages 10-14)

Overnight camp-out on the white rocks above the Sespe River. Just 3 miles round trip, but seems like another planet. We will walk out, enjoy the stars and a campfire. We will provide snacks and a light breakfast, you provide a sleeping bag to sleep under the stars. We will share stories and then wake up to a magical view. Spend time exploring the rocks and local wilderness on our way back. Such a terrific weekend adventure!“Ventura Wild has provided such a fun event for my children. They love Heather and CJ, they love knowing local wild places and they can show me so many things now when we go out as a family!”