Balance school and screen time with nature time!

Teens gain skills and knowledge including survival skills, whittling and bow making, fire kits, local plants, ecosystems and natural history, local watersheds and food sources and processing. We also emphasize compassionate communication, problem solving, group challenges and independent thinking. Self reliance and leadership skills are a natural result of nature connection. Above all we provide inspiring spaces to decompress, reflect, run, climb, dig, laugh, and yell in nature! In nature, less is more.

Wilderness Adventures

“My son loves Ventura Wild. He is excited for every class, and always comes home with a relaxed, happy and very present attitude. I love him as a connected to nature person!”

Programs in the works!

Counselors in Training

“What an amazing opportunity for my child to be totally happy!”

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Preteen Camp-outs

“Ventura Wild has provided such a fun event for my children. They love Heather and CJ, they love knowing local wild places and they can show me so many things now when we go out as a family!”

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